1,000 Friends Challenge

Dementia Friends Indiana is challenging communities across the state to make 1,000 NEW FRIENDS during the month of September in recognition of World Alzheimer’s Month.

Help us spread awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, which affects 110,000 Hoosiers and their loved ones. Dementia Friends learn helpful tips to understand the disease and communicate with people who live with the condition. Together, we can make a difference and reduce the stigma of dementia.

Share some of the messages below with your friends and family!

Dementia Friends Made in September

How To Get Involved

Share the messages below and encourage people you know to become a Dementia Friend!

Share how dementia has impacted you. Record your story and share the video on social media with #DFIchallenge, or write it down and send it to us here.

Post flyers on community bulletin boards.

Host a Become A Friend session or Memory Café. Contact us to set it up. Or arrange a group viewing of the video session together.

Donate to Dementia Friends Indiana to help us spread the movement.

Register for the Dementia Friends Indiana fundraiser at Top Golf in Fishers on Oct. 24.

Take Action!


Send our email template to your family, friends, co-workers, local government, community organizations, the media and more.


Social Media Messages

Share the 1,000 Friends Challenge on social media!

Facebook & Instagram: @dementiafriendsindiana
Twitter: @DFIndiana

September is #WorldAlzMonth. Dementia Friends Indiana is challenging communities across #Indiana to make 1,000 new #DementiaFriends. I’m a Dementia Friend and I challenge you to become one, too! https://www.dementiafriendsindiana.org/become-a-friend/ #DFIchallenge

Did you know Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia? September is #WorldAlzMonth and I’m participating in the #DFIchallenge. I challenge you to increase your understanding of #dementia by becoming a Dementia Friend. https://www.dementiafriendsindiana.org/become-a-friend/

Together we can make a difference for all Hoosiers affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia. Join me in helping Dementia Friends Indiana reach its goal of 1,000 new Dementia Friends during #WorldAlzMonth. https://www.dementiafriendsindiana.org/become-a-friend/ #DFIchallenge

I’m a Dementia Friend and I challenge you to become one, too! You can attend a session or watch the video online: https://www.dementiafriendsindiana.org/become-a-friend/ Let’s help make Indiana a dementia friendly state!

What is a Dementia Friend? It’s someone who attends a session (in-person or online) to gain a deeper understanding of dementia and wants to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and their caregivers. Take the #DFIchallenge and become a Dementia Friend during #WorldAlzMonth this September! https://www.dementiafriendsindiana.org/become-a-friend/

Let’s talk about dementia. Stigma and negative attitudes about people with dementia exist around the world. In Indiana, 110,000 people have Alzheimer’s, the most common type of dementia. When I became a Dementia Friend, I learned what dementia is and how to create more welcoming environments in our community. Together, we can challenge the stigma. Help Dementia Friends Indiana make 1,000 new Dementia Friends during #WorldAlzMonth by taking the #DFIchallenge here: https://www.dementiafriendsindiana.org/become-a-friend/


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Dementia Friends Indiana 1000 Friends Challenge Dementia Friends Indiana 1000 Friends Challenge Dementia Friends Indiana 1000 Friends Challenge

How To Become a Friend

To become a Dementia Friend, you can either attend an in-person info session or watch an online video.

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