Become a Friend Online Session

In this 30-minute video session led by Dementia Champion Jean Ross, you will learn what dementia is, begin to understand what it’s like to live with dementia, and take action as a Dementia Friend in your community.

After you have finished watching the video, complete this form to register as a Dementia Friend. You will receive a PDF certificate to print or save after you register.

  • 1. Contact Info

  • If you are filling out your own evaluation as an individual viewer, please enter "1" to count yourself only. If you are completing the evaluation on behalf of a group as a whole, please enter the total number in attendance.
  • 2. Evaluation

  • 3. Actions

  • Please tell us how you are going to turn your understanding of dementia and what it means to be a Dementia Friend into practical action. Every action counts. As a Dementia Friend, I am committing to:

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